Remodel Houses

My concept is buy 'fixer-upper' homes, update and remodel them while I live there, and then sell for a profit. I do almost all the work myself including framing, finish carpentry, electrical, plumbing, sheet rock, taping, painting, floor tile, wall tile, laminate flooring, windows, doors, kitchen cabinet install/refinish, kitchen counter, bathroom/custom vanity/frameless glass shower enclosure, concrete, landscaping, irrigation, fencing, light roof repair, skylights and it seems there's alway more!

In California you can legally remodel your personal property without having to be a licensed contractor. This has allowed me to do as much work myself as I want to take on. Additionally if the property is your primary personal residence for a mimimum of 2 years you can exclude up to $250,000 of profit from taxation. Both of the these factors add a lot of leverage to a remodel project.


The Stockton project, 2006-2009, turned out to be big lessons both work wise and timing in the housing markets. Basically, the remodel turned out a beautiful house but I lost everything due the burst housing bubble. Stockton was the earliest hit and possibly the hardest hit in NorCal.

Stockton Project Before/Construction Pictures

Stockton Project Completed Pictures

Sacramento South Natomas

The Sacramento South Natomas project, 2014-2017, was a great project. It took a little longer than planned but the acceleration of the rising market in Sac mid 2016 into 2017 made the delay worthwhile. Overall it might have been a little extravagant for the neighborhood but evidently the kitchen and high end bath work did help for a quick and strong sale.

Sacramento South Natomas Project Completed Pictures

Sacramento South Natomas Project Before/After Pictures

Sacramento 2816 Barbarell Way

This project had many components. The original 1948 house needed a new kitchen, new bath and major updating. The 1973 addition needed extensive changes and updating to bring out its potential. In 2017 there was a new roof, new HVAC and new 200amp electrical service installed, a big plus for the overall project. The project involved structural changes, extensive new plumbing and electrical, 2 complete bath remodels, complete new kitchen, new flooring, refinished hardwood floors, re-surfacing and painting all walls, new windows, new fence, and landscaping.

2816 Barbarell before/after Pictures